Autumn Equestrian and Commercial Land Management

Following an extremely dry summer it's now time to be thinking about recovering your paddocks in the autumn for the winter, we are not sure when we will be able to start as this all depends on when the weather and ground conditions allow. 

We have been in lots of discussions this year with various organisations and combining our knowledge to ensure we move forward with the times and looking at bringing new and old methods into the equine land sector to mitigate the effects of rising fertiliser and seed costs and look more to maximising output from your existing grass where possible. 

Things to consider for the autumn: 

Overseeding - including aeration and harrowing.

Spraying - for broadleaf weeds including ragwort. 

(New) Seaweed fertilising - *this service is to be price confirmed and following consultation* (no off grazing period)

(New) Mole draining and flat lifting - for drainage and compaction relief helping roots to grow better resulting in better grass yields. 

Hedgecutting - to follow after paddock maintenance season continuing through to late February.

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Topping needs to be done now if not already done to promote new sward growth and cut weeds down (although most would of gone to seed by now)

Please contact us to discuss anything above and to confirm your services required, we understand that situations change and although you may have already spoken to us about maintenance plans it's always worth dropping us a message to confirm. 

Thank you for your time and ongoing loyalty.


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