If you've been unfortunate enough to have a horse or pony come down with laminitis, you'll know that managing their grazing is a huge part of their care. It's a vicious circle of needing to keep them moving but controlling the amount of sugar they consume. Many horses and ponies end up being shut on yards or starvation paddocks for weeks at a time, limiting their movement, which then slows their metabolism down even further. 
If your horse can go out to graze safely and be moving around constantly, this can help them to control their own sugar metabolism so much better. Even if its just for a few hours in the afternoon due to grass sugar levels being at their highest in the morning, especially after a cold or frosty night. 
Horses are of course also far happier when they are out with their friends as opposed to being shut in on their own and a happy horse creates a healthy horse. A grazing muzzle can also be highly useful to support this freedom of movement.  

Getting to the root of the problem...
With every issue its always best to look at the root of the problem. And so by providing the healthiest grass for laminitics, which is low in sugar, high in fibre and provides therapeutic herbs and wild flower mixes, it can make a huge difference to their lives.

Bowman & Son Paddock Services can seed your paddocks with specifically designed Laminitis Friendly Grass Mixes to create the safest and healthiest grazing for your horse or pony. 

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