Weed Control & Topping

Weeds can be a nuisance but they can also be poisonous, so it's important to keep animals safe in their paddocks by controlling them. We are fully qualified when it comes to weed control and can advise the best course of action for your paddocks. Dealing with weeds now can keep your grazing healthy, maintain the essential nutrients in your grass and can avoid weeds getting out of control and causing health issues to your animals.

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Pasture topping not only keeps the grazing healthy but also enables it to make its own nutrients – and to cope with horses' hooves. Read our regular paddock maintenance advice pages below...

Paddock Management


Taking care of your horse's paddock will not only reduce feed costs but also keep animals safe and provide essential nutrients.

With feed costs rising all the time, Horse / Yard / Livery owners can save a lot of money by maximizing grazing land and ensuring your paddocks are in the best of health, providing essential nutrients. Weeds, moss and poor soil conditions can reduce grass growth so it's important to correct any issues and make the most of your most cost-effective feed-stuff.

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